Selected sculptural works - see blog for additional works and some context.

Woman Spawning 2017-19

Fabric sculpture, 120x30x20cm approx.


Fabric and sand,150x120x40xcm approx (dimensions vary according to installation), 2018

Triple Goddess: Inward Facing Death or The Crossroads

Fabric sculpture, 60x30x30xcm approx, 2017

Triple Goddess .  

Fabric sculpture, 260x120x120xcm approx, 2012 - 16

(this work has not yet been exhibited and there was insufficient space in the studio to photograph)

Elemental Dolls 2015 -17.  

 Fabric with sand, mud or pigment. 

Elemental Doll: Earth

Autumn Equinox 2016

Elemental Doll: Earth

Mud from Home 2016

Elemental Doll: Fire

(Charred Double)


Elemental Doll: Air

Autumn Equinox 2016

Elemental Doll: Air

Autumn Equinox 2017

Elemental Doll: Air (with Double)

Spring Equinox 2017

Small Objects & Dolls, 2012 - 16

Dolls and oddities.  Fears and relationships.  Nets and words.  Exhibitionism and shame.  Gravity and defiance. Mixed media, 


Sleeping Beauty

 50cm high approx 2011-12

Snake Woman

. 180x65cm. 2013.

Mourning Pod

. 150x50x50cm. 2007-13.

Chthonic Figures

 30cm high approx 2009-13

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Can You Survive My Attacks?

Fabric & thorns. 300x300cm. 2006.

Ambivalence Doll:

A personal history of jealousy. 2003.